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Advanced Technology center

EON Photonics, which moves from the point of view of the 21st century, has the Advanced Technology Center where the R & D and innovation activities are carried on decisively. At this high-tech center, products that provide high added value at the global level are developed. In this center, many activities, from electronic design to laser applications, image processing applications to artificial intelligence and robotics applications, are carried out successfully by the competent human power in the field. Eon Photonics is capable of responding to all the needs of the sector on a global scale with its expertise in the sector and high R & D Power. Eon is the first private company in Turkey, which hosts cleanroom and semi conductor production center, continues to invest in information and technology.

  • Expert Staff In The Field

    Eon includes competent and expert manpower, including a large number of PHD and MS staff and professors, and continues to invest in qualified human resources.

  • Pioneers Of Innovation

    The products produced by Eon with its own resources and delivered to more than 100 countries on 6 continents make a difference in the global sector with its advanced technology and efficient features.

  • Technology

    At this center, there are also delicate clean rooms built at world class, while innovative products, industry 4.0 applications and many national and international projects are being carried out here.


EON Photonics offers high power fiber laser resonators as well as medium and high power fiber laser modules. You can easily adapt EON fiber laser modules to your existing structure with a communication and connection interface suitable for use in different processes and sectors, compact size and rack standards.

Clean Rooms

Eon Photonics has 3 clean rooms: class 10,000 (250 m2), class 1,000 (350 m2) and class 100 (120 m2). All semiconductor processes carried out by Eon Photonics are carried out in these clean rooms.

Delicate clean rooms, which are built at world standards, are the first cleanroom in Turkey in terms of private sector.


All necessary analyses are made in detail in the production and development processes of high-tech products and it is based on obtaining excellent results. Adopting the understanding of quality and continuous development, Eon Photonics continues to export technology from Turkey to the world. EON's advanced technology development vision has become a priority of Turkey is also spearheading the development in this area.

  • Crystal Magnification

    Teknolojiye yönelik yatırımlarını hızla sürdüren EON Photonics; savunma sanayi, medikal ve endüstriyel alanlarda kullanılan diyotların üretim süreçlerinde, kristal büyütme uygulamaları gerçekleştirmektedir.

  • Fabricated

    EON Photonics Fabrikasyon Birimi’nde, yarı iletken tabanlı tüm proseslerin hassas yöntemlerle kaplanması, aşındırılması ve inceltilmesi gibi işlemlerin karakterizasyonu başarıyla uygulanmaktadır.

  • Electronic Packaging

    Optoelektronik tasarımların uygulanması ve hayata geçirilmesi kısmındaki tüm elektronik paketleme işlemleri, EON Lazer bünyesinde Elektronik Paketleme Birimi tarafından gerçekleştirilmektedir.

  • Fiber Optic

    As Fiberoptic Systems unit from EON Photonics, we have been working on R&D applications and besides that system desing/simulations, modular laser system manufacturing and assemblies with power, beam quality measurements and life tests.

  • Embedded System

    EON Photonics bünyesindeki Gömülü Sistemler Birimi, farklı disiplinlere ait uzman mühendisler ile çok geniş bir yelpazede gömülü kontrol sistemleri geliştirebilme becerisindedir.

  • PC Based Software

    In the PC-Based Software Unit, one of the advanced technology units of EON Photonics, user interfaces, software with machine and PC communication, and network and internet supported software are implemented.

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