Continuing its journey for development of technology with the perspective of 21st century at full throttle, EON Photonics transfers technology to the world from Turkey with its high R&D capability, its many years of experience in the industry and its investment power.

Focusing on efficiency in all areas by using resources effectively, EON continues its journey as the global brand of Ermaksan Group companies that realized the laser power sources (resonators), laser diodes, FBG Sensors and CNC controllers, which are produced by a limited number of countries throughout the world, for the first time in Turkey.

Products manufactured by EON using its own resources and delivered to more than 100 countries on 6 continents make a difference in the global arena with their advanced technology, environment-friendliness and efficiency features.

While currently employing competent and specialized manpower, including professors of their field, as well as a large number of staff with Ph.D. and Master of Science degrees, EON continues to invest in qualified human resources.

EON also has the capacity to implement all processes from idea to design, prototype to product successfully with its Data Center incorporating advanced technological systems and networks.

This center provide delicate clean rooms built to global standards, while innovative products, which are a significant reflection of the corporate culture, industry 4.0 applications and many national and international projects are being carried out here.

Decisively continuing to carry out joint projects with universities, institutes, institutions and organizations renown throughout the world, EON also continues to move confidently towards its forward-looking targets.

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